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A Wallflower In The Amazon

Music by Darrell Katz

A Wallflower In The Amazon


  • Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra

Recording track list:

  1. I Like The Sunrise: It Brings New Hope They Say 7:47
  2. I Like The Sunrise: I Hope It Likes Poor Me 4:07
  3. Red Blue 8:19
  4. A Wallflower In The Amazon: Aromatic Raptures Of Volume 9:01
  5. A Wallflower In The Amazon: The Vanishing Point 5:47
  6. Hoochie Coochie Man 8:22
  7. All Bark And No Bite 5:56
  8. Visiting My Aunties: A Classical Freudian Hysteric 5:10
  9. Visiting My Aunties: I Promise I Will Never Laugh Again 6:47
  10. Tuff Luck Blues 5:42
  11. For Our Sins 2:40
  12. The Red Blues 6:32

A Wallflower In The Amazon: release info

Accurate Records (2010)

Darrell Katz & the Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra (JCA) A Wallflower in the Amazon (AC-5059, release date: August 10, 2010)

Brilliant players and dazzling ensemble orchestrations in a Stravinskymeets- Muddy Waters universe! The JCA Orchestra has built support among critics and listeners over the last quarter century. Includes re-imagined classics by Duke Ellington and Willie Dixon. Features gritty blues vocalist Mike Finnigan and superb jazz vocalist Rebecca Shrimpton.